HY-2700A+360 Full automatic wet tissue folding and packing machine for 40-120pcs/pack (Making 40pcs—120pcs/pack wet wipes)

Main Technical Parameter (suitable for 40~120 pcs /pack)
Product type: baby wipes
Production flow:
unrolling – folding – wetting – cutting – pile & counting– delivering tissue to packing
Product speed: 300~400cuttings/min(if add to 3 big rollers,the speed will be70~80packs/min,base on 80pcs/pack,should connect with 2 packing machine HY-360)
Cutting unit:a.double paper shelves
b.8 lanes /10 lanes /12 lanes , 2 rolls
c.raw material roll width :1000~1320mm
Power supply: 380V , 50HZ
Power :10KW
Raw material: air-laid paper, non-wovenfabric , spunlace
Unfolding size:(150~250)×(180~220) (mm,L×W)
Folding size:(150~250)×(90~120) (mm,L×W)
Counting way: auto-counting, quantity changeable pile system
Control interface: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Touching Screen
Control system: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Servo Control System
Control pattern: presupposed full-automatic control
Motor drive: MITSUBISHI full-automatic servo drive
Wetting system: presupposed full-automatic quantitative wetting
Wetting accuracy: ±5%
Weight: 6000 kg
Humidification agitating system: double agitating drums with agitator (2 pcs)
Water tank size:800×800(mm,Dia×H) 400 L (2pcs)

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